Well bugger me backwards and call me Stewie..

He's a baby gay!

No shit sherlock. If you haven't heard already, the genius behind Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, has revealed to Playboy magazine, GT's favourite character is a big homo. Well, he's either going to end up gay, or a very " unhappy repressed heterosexual."

The thing is with Stewie is that he's such a brilliant character, he doesn't need to be labeled as gay. He is merely just Stewie Griffin - the matricidal baby with an extreme penchant for transvestitism. Let alone an array of other characteristics that has millions of fans wetting themselves and rolling around in hysterics (and their own piss.)

MacFarlane probably understands this more than anyone, as the Family Guy team had already started working on an episode where Stewie's sexuality is revealed, but it was eventually scrapped so that it could end up "vague". The thing is, it's far from vague.

Everyone loves Stewie for who he is, regardless of his sexuality. Besides, some of the funniest parts are when he is confronted with his own queer confusion. For instance, in the Chick Cancer episode in series five, he wishes that men "could get together with their buddies, and just have it be the same thing as being with a woman." After Brian tells him it does exist: "it's called being gay" Stewie then replies, "Oh that's what being gay is. Yeah I could totally get into that." You're not the only one Stuart.

It's also great to see his relationship with Brian. At one point sticking his finger in Brian's mouth and then into his own (Love Blactually, series seven) and also jumping at any chance to wrap his lips around those of the talking dog's. Surely then he also has a hankering for bestiality no?

Either way, we hope people don't start thinking differently of Stewie now that it's been made clear that the little guy is going to grow up to love the cock. To be honest though, it's not like the show hadn't given us any clues

enough said.

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