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It’s getting Hot in here

Royal Vauxhall Tavern’s Hot August Fringe

Last night we crept down to the literally, and metaphorically, Hot August Fringe at London’s cabaret sass-pit, The Royal Vauxhall Taverns. Performer Ernesto Sarezale had the good sense to take all his clothes off, though it was for artistic rather than climatic gains.
His show, In The Name of The Flesh, cleverly mashes up spoken word poetry, stripping, dressing up and video clips to give a insight into Sarezale’s surreal thought process. The poetry often takes a while to reveal itself, much like the inivisble lesbians he comically describes, but each poem subtly links into the material that nestles either side. Taking interpolations to their natural and absurd extreme, street signs and commands are read out to us, bombarding the audience with conflicting, confusing and completely hilarious instructions. One segment included the presentation Eurovision: Velcro – featuring a stunning montage of all the various uses of the stuff throughout the musical festivals camp history. When followed by Sarezale’s own naked body, it raises all kinds of questions about performance, nudity and the necessity of flashing a bit of flesh. Yes, even Bucks Fizz have a tiny root in the burgeoning tradition of queer burlesque.
Rather than the glitzy titillation of such a scene, there are further investigations into penile size, sexual conquests and belly button ownership which give you some idea of the incredible breadth of subject matter one man can cover with a few props and a projector. Make sure you check out his edinburgh show

Hot August Fringe continues at the rvt until 30 August.

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