*Wipes saliva from screen*

What is it with young actors and removing their clothes?

These days it's all the rage to uncover something, anything, that embarrasses young Hollywood actors. Nude photos, insalubrious pre-fame work, all make for a rich archive that we can plunder for some innocent schadenfreude.

Most recently Channing Tatum, star of such classics as Step Up, She's a Man and the recent G.I.Joe, has seen his stripper-cum-dancer past exposed in a hilarious video taken at the club in Florida where he was 'discovered'.

Mr Tatum should be proud, however! This is the most evidence gathered so far that this specimen possesses some discernible talent. Coming off a week when author Phil Carlo refused, after finding out that Tatum was favourite for the lead role, to let his book (The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer - sounds classy) be turned into a film, the actor should be encouraged by the warm response the video has generated in the usual online circles.

Nevertheless, this video pales in comparison to Freddie Stroma (Cormac McLaggen in Harry Potter 6) and his magnificent efforts in the Acne jeans campaign.

Here at Gay Times we can only hope to encourage emerging actors to give stripping a go, or at least to let us in on their past as models, dancers, or whatever work they did prior to some agent deciding that they had a pretty face and could therefore feasibly give acting a go.

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