Bob Henderson

Novelty item exciting for 60 seconds

Fizzy pop, Ugly Betty, stickers, pink leopard print, Mode magazine

This *shimmies hand in your face like Amanda* bores me. In the time it's taken for you to click through from the front page we are OVAH it*. Which is quicker than it will take you to trek down to Selfridges, the only place stocking it. Yes, that there above, a customisable bottled Ugly Betty edition of Diet Coke.

Actually, it is pretty. It's definitely going to sit on our desk and remain undrunk until the BBE of date (Dec 09) unless someone wants to send us in a litre of Vodka to dilute it with. The cutest thing about it those is the mini-Mode magazine booklet that comes with it, complete with stickers, and as we've said before here at GT stickers make everything a million times more amazing - page 12 of the current issue, sisters compilation - amazing.

They'll set you back £1.29, which in London is incredibly reasonable, given that you pay twice that for a coffee and a pack of stickers anywhere else. And if you want to kick back and drink it neat infront of Ugly Betty, season three is on tonight (wednesday) Channel 4 at 10pm.


* - in hind sight, we will never get over anything Ugly Betty related, and will certainly never, ever get over anything that involves dicking around in masks

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