Jamie Tabberer

Hollyoaks actor gets half naked

Calvin can be our Valentine any day...

You know, the release of a new Hollyoaks calendar should be made in to a national holiday. The one with the boys in it of course, not the girls – the last thing we want to see on a brittle January morning (or July, come to think of it - where has our summer gone by the way?) is Mercedes in a two-piece.

Listen to us - harping on about the 2010 calendar when it’s still July. But it’s not our fault: just look at this photograph of Ricky Whittle (Calvin Valentine), which accompanies the actor’s interview in the latest edition of Now magazine – it just hints at all the bad tattoos, pulling-on-a-rope-suggestively poses and general all round sexiness that's to come. Let the countdown to Christmas commence!

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