Bob Henderson

Men At Play Re-Launch Party

Some of the girls from the office were there.

We say girls, its an affectionate term for the team. We put on clean shirts, sprayed on a bit of Will Bakers new scent, loosened our ties and shimmied on down to Soho’s glittering Café De Paris, to be greeted by winking waitresses with trays of free champers. This was a full on classy relaunch for the Men At Play website, we’re glad we made a bit of an effort. If you're not familiar with their work, they make hot porn with guys in suits and business scenarios. Fucking your way up the career ladder, that kind of thing.

During the night a mini christina-circa-candyman launched into a whole songbook of classics (there was eeking over a Madonna number, but memory isn’t quite was it should be this morning) and we were plied with drinks and canapés whilst we blatantly letched at all the hot guys in suits. There was a brilliant Britney routine with fit guys having their ties ripped off Womanizer stylee, though it could’ve been Circus. We could’ve been dancing to it. We could’ve been saying inappropriate things to our work mates, it’s all a bit of a blur. Needless to say, top night out.

Just to remind us that we didn’t dream it all, we woke up face first in a swanky goodie bag, MenAtPlay book, DVD, condoms, cufflinks and other bits that we dropped all over our bedroom floor.

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