Bob Henderson

Ten Minutes with Tiga

Mouthing off before his GlobalGathering appearance

Tiga, we love a bit of it. Our copy of Ciao is all but worn away from repeated listening, and we re-enact bits of Shoes and can quote it word for word. So when the lovely people from GlobalGathering said we could have a quick interview they did, we said 'Hell Yeah'.

What’s your pre-GlobalGathering ritual?
I have no rituals, except in tennis - pre-serve!

How long does it take to put on your make-up?
"Decent" version 20 min. "Perfect" version 30min. "16-year-old" version 45min, but I don't wear makeup when I DJ.

You have a huge gay following, what does your wife think about this?
He thinks its great.

How big is your entourage?
Big! At least 2 people.

As GlobalGathering takes place in Shakespeare’s hometown, what is your favourite Shakespeare play?
It’s been a while, but I remember liking Macbeth.

Describe your perfect mid-summer’s night dream…
Last night I had a dream a gang of Thai thieves had stolen my new BMW M5 and filled it with dead dogs in erotic poses. It was genuinely disturbing. My perfect dream, as Nietzsche said, is simply a clear path to goal.

If you could get your hands on any of the headliner’s tracks to remix – whose would it be?
Altern8 were always my heroes so that would be great. Prodigy have asked me and that should be happening soon... and I have always had a soft spot for PVD.

Global Gathering takes place next weekend, 24-25 July, at Long Marston Airfield, Nr Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.

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