Bob Henderson

Banging Tunes

It's only Fred Schneider of THE B52s!!!

We've been asking a bunch of musicians to come up with a sex (mix)tape, and our Fred sent a mini-essay, showing a fiercely post-modern disregard for the concept of a tracklist...


To get the other person (or people for that matter) horny, I mean in a romantic mood, I would start with something subtle, like the original version of "totally nude island" by The Superions. If subtlety is not the way, then "get down tonight " by k c and the sunshine band or "why don't we do it in the road" by the beatles... Timeless classics.

You could also try "michelle", another beatles tune, "sung" by the happy hooker if you can find it. Wait, she has an on-record orgasm and it's a little too early for that, so..."pull up to the bumper" by grace jones, especially if it's in a car, or "love in an elevator" by aerosmith, especially if you're going up or down in one of those new mega-high-rise hotels.

To keep thing going full throttle I'd spin "rock me again and again and again" by James Brown protégé miss lynn collins, followed by his bad self's own "sex machine" (since i am one). For the climax i'd play "j'taime" by serge gainsbourg, of course, and finally thrusting into (shameless but appropriate self-promotion) the ursula 1000 remix of "totally nude island" for the (multiple) big finale(s). When the person is leaving, i'd play "love in the year 3000" by the b-52s so they know what's in store for the future!

Fred Schneider of The B52's and new band The Superions needs little introduction, though you can check him out doing guest vocals on the Chicks On Speed track Vibrator, on their new album Cutting The Edge. The Superions single Totally Nude Island is out now.

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