Bob Henderson

Gay Shame Gay Shame Gay Shame

We're so excited and we just can't hide it

Apologies if you don't live in London, but we're getting stupidly Friday-like excited about the weekend. It's Pride, gays aplenty bounding around the capital, and then Duckie are holding Gay Shame, a bit arty farty party with dressing up and a flimsy excuse to flounce around in dresses and bad make-up. Hurrah.

To get your self in the mood, pop over to the Duckie website click on the Gay Shame links and listen to their music mix. It's totally amazing. On top of that here are a few choice youtube videos we've been watching for some femme inspiration - the eyes above are from Marina and The Diamonds, whose make up we'll be trying, and failing, to achieve tomorrow evening. Did we mention how excited we were?

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