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3 and their wacky Japanese CD

Audio Slave mix tape kicks off the 3 Snapshots project.

Sometimes corporations, especially in technology and communications, launch campaigns that are so multifaceted and artistic that I suspect not even they know precisely what is going on.

Here’s a good example: 3, the mobile phone network slash memory stick internet supplier, have started 3Snapshots, a series of confusing events which promises to share with us “the people, places and perspectives” that make 3 and their products “exciting”.

What medium will 3 employ to achieve such a cultural feat you ask. Well, an ambitious amalgam of blogs, videos, music and photos. The whole thing is, like, so right now.

Well the first of these exciting snapshots is a mix tape, or collection of remixes rather, compiled by Audio Slave. The tracks intend to capture the futuristic and innovative vibes of Tokyo…

You can get yourself a copy of this Cd/DVD by registering at 3 Snapshots. Considering it’s free, you Audio Slave is an established artist who has in the past secured remix commissions from Kylie, Carl Craig and Talking Heads, there’s surely nothing to lose?

The collection of chilled out dance tracks supposedly evokes Japan and everything it stands for. In Mr Slave’s words: “Japan isn’t all about shopping. The historical sites such as the temples in Kyoto are really worth checking out and of course I couldn’t write about Japan without mentioning the nightlife”.

GT has had a listen to the 14 tracks during morning coffee break and kindly composed for you our Japanese thoughts on each below… written in English...

1) The Mole - For The Lost
Sounds like waiting for a train, with a slight breeze on the knees.
2) Butch & Virginia - From Above
You’re in reception at a spa, and that copy of Hello! looks a bit too thumbed to pick up, you decide to look at the fish tank instead.
3) James Teej - Spending Life (Danny Fiddo & Affkt remix)
Never mind spending life, you feel like you spent way too much money on that masago salad at lunch.
4) Baeka - Right At It (Michel Cleis Remix)
Where’s the nearest toilet, you wonder as you wander around hopelessly.
5) Noze - You Have To Dance (Mathias Kaden’s Beatpolka remix)
The sound of snare drums gently approachs, and then fades away again. Is Japan at war?
6) Ramiro López - Brunch In Guadalmar
Is it going to rain this afternoon? Who knows. And did anyone else hear that scream?
7) Brotherhood - Memorial Smith (Daniel Stefanik’s Buki Good Remix)
Wow, the escalators here are pretty long. Not quite long enough to be photo worthy
8) Radio Slave – Sundazed
I wish that person would stop talking.
9) Detroit Experiment - Think Twice (Henrik Schawrz remix for Detroit Experiment)
Put your hands up for Tokyo, we’re unsure if we love this city.
10) Kentaphonik - Hiya Kaya (Rocco Deep mix)
Sleigh bells, not-quite house, and a trumpet solo, Japanese people inexplicably start clapping. Whatever next?
11) Worse Case Scenario - Hot Beef
Worse case scenario – my iPod gets stuck on this song. I start tapping my feet though, damn you catchy dub grooves. Thank god my feet aren't bandaged like hers.
12) Dance Disorder - My Time (Radio Slave's After The After Remix)
Things are getting so Yoko Ono you know. All I need is a black Issey Miyake jumper and a husband now.
13) C. Banx Feat Chelonis R. Jones - Destination Unknown (Daso remix)
She’s back again. What does she want from me? I wish my phone had reception, seriously.
14) Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia - 'DEAD SOULS' (Radio Slave Long Distance Kiss Mix)
Yawn. I wish my phone charger hadn’t erratically broken two weeks ago and that my phone provider would replace it for free.

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