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Mz Bratt’s debut single

Who Do You Think You Are?

Lines That You Won’t Hear An A&R Man Say In 2009, #219:
“It’s about time we had a new urban female solo artist”.

Team GT often affiliate themselves with views held by The Guardian, but I’m in disagreement with the boys over at Kings Place concerning this little hip bopper. Paul Lester praised the up-and-coming starlet saying “we're going to forego comparisons this time and just focus on the artiste at hand. She sounds good to us”. But didn’t Ms. Dynamite sound good to The Guardian too back in the day?

The reason Lester has mentioned an alleviation of comparisons is because that’s exactly what you want to do with Mz. Bratt… compare her. The R’n’B world is an animal blingdom. The first task with any new artist of this genre is to classify them. Can they get low or do they have a long way to go? Can we loosen up their buttons or do they have nothing but your t-shirt on? Are we fooled by the rocks that they’ve got or do they not even have a red American Express?

The Guardian were quite generous in matching her up against Lady Sovereign and Shystie. We’re thinking more Kathryn Drysdale if you asked her to film a parody of Misteeq.

But let’s not be too harsh. The new single is catchy and club-friendly. The video is fun, with slow motion soft-soft-porn paint fights and a tokenal blond boy giggling amongst a battalion of lethal breakdancers. I can just picture it coming to a flatscreen in a bar near you.

Mz Bratt herself looks a bit too attitudey, the whole ‘who are you?’ face is too conventional; in fact, the song’s title is a well-known Spice Girls lyric.

I think Mz Bratt will have to pick a more specific career path soon, and it will be down to the media smarts to pick one which will lead to success. Will she do the Estelle transiton and go from amateur rapper to No.1 hit factory? Will she do the Alesha Dixon route and dedicate her life to early evening television? Or will she do a Ms. Dynamite disappearing trick? Good. Okay. Embarrassing.

Apparently Mz Bratt is involved in some urban renewal youth education schemes and things, which is admirable, but will steal away her chance of becoming a major establishment star like Kelis. To be massive one needs hype, dark suspense, artifice and a sense of danger. Charity workers tend to disregard such attributes in preference for hospitality and listening skills.

Nice zebra print leggings though Mz Bratt, and good luck with the new album! We hope you can put some big records away, do a track with Dizzee, and maybe even launch a range of dolls called… oh wait.

Who Do You Think You Are comes out on 13th July

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