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GT’s Fringe Festival Picks, Part 3

The Chippendales vs The Daily Mail

The Chippendales: The Ultimate Girls’ Night Out

According to the Fringe program these guys are a “combination of sex appeal and class”. We didn’t know that strapping a cheap bowtie around a throbbing greased neck was a symbol of elegance, but ‘sex appeal’ is surely an understatement? We would say someone like Vernon Kay has sex appeal. The Chippendales are a full-blown phantasmorgasm of American steam, sweat and the pungent stench of protein shakes. The crowd demographic will no doubt consist entirely of middle-aged women, so you may well stick out as a male attendee. Front row sitters may find themselves soaked in oil and whipped cream, but for those at the back - watch out for flying false teeth amidst a low grumbling of vibrators. As Smash Hits used to say: Phroarrr.

10pm, 5-30 August, Gilded Balloon
Additional late performances at 10.30pm on 22, 26, 29, 30 August

Is The Daily Mail Dead Yet?

This play claims to be a theatrical attack on one of the country’s most strongly loathed national newspapers. Although despite seemingly endless complaints and heretic discussions between Guardian readers over their macchiatos in Caffe Nero each morning, The Daily Mail is one of Britain’s few newspapers to expand over the last year. Additionally it has taken on more graduate recruits than any other national, in some cases twelve times over. Will this play gather a cult following and invoke change? Perhaps the title is a red herring and audiences will be tricked into one hour of outdates views, lists of food types that give you cancer and farcically simple crosswords. Why not pop along and let us know.

11pm, 6-30 August, Just the Tonic @ The Caves

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