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GT's Fringe Festival Picks

Will Hodgson, Jack Whitehall, Ben Lerman

Wil Hodgson – Punk Folk Tales

He is heterosexual but collects My Little Ponies and has a more admirable moral agenda than most of us, calling through his comedy for society to embrace diversity. With a Perrier under his studded belt and a die-hard following of punks and intellectuals alike, Wil Hodgson’s material is like raw meat dripping with blood. You’d never guess he was born in Bath. Sometimes he struggles to win over audiences, but in terms of critics - Wil’s very acclaimed.

Go If: You’ve got a thing for Lefties, ex-communists or pink mohicans (not guaranteed).
Don’t If: You’d feel uncomfortable listening to a graphic description of a woman’s noo noo.

8.20pm, 5-30 August, Pleasance Courtyard

Jack Whitehall – Nearly Rebellious

You’d think being funny is the main spirit in a cocktail of comedy success, perhaps with charm as a mixer. But Mr Whitehall’s increasing success uses the unbeatable equation of (nepotism + on telly) 2 = sell out Fringe. This boy is yet to find his voice. He’s walking the Amstell / Brand path, but respectively lacks either a gay card or the need for a get out of jail free card.
No, we do like Jack. He’s polite, intelligent, witty and, yes, pretty. Everything you’d expect from a public school boy, but rarely get. This show will most likely engage with Jack’s under-construction masculinity; he drinks Smirnoff Ice and feels insecure about his muscle definition. Come into the GT office sometime Jack, we’ll show you how to be a real man.

Go If: You want to tell people you went to see Jack Whitehall.
Don’t If: You loathe the smell and laughter of teenage girls.

7.15pm, 5-31 August, Pleasance Courtyard

Ben Lerman’s Size Matters

[pictured] This guy is (wait for it…) a gay ukulele player from NYC. Apparently his songs bare a contemporary twist, ranging in topic from American Idols to pirates. Time Out described him as “Tiny instrument, big balls”. We’re intrigued. A Google image search led us to photos of Ben reclining in an urban swimming pool, and another nude shot where he’s almost stroking his chest hair. We’re more intrigued. Oh, and this show is free, which at Fringe isn’t necessarily a good thing – but still, what is there to complain about? Oh yeah, the ukulele.

Go If: You want a taste of acoustic America with a gay NYC twist.
Don’t If: You like to keep your Americans at a distance, like inside the TV.

7.30pm, 6-30 August, Laughing Horse @ Café Renroc

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