Bob Henderson

Daisy Dares You

Oh GO ON then.

You know what its like when someone dares you. She’d probably double dare us, she looks the cheeky type.

Daisy Dares You is a brand new one girl pop machine, aged just 15 years of age (Imagine: What were you doing in 1994? "Oh, y'know, being born..."), which makes her 2% younger than Alex Roots, 16.5% younger than Pixie Lott, 22% younger than Gabriella Climi and under half the age of Avril Lavigne*. You can’t really tell from this picture, but from this angle she looks a bit Samantha Ronson. Hurrah! (aside: how rude is the whole ‘sa-man-tha’ thing? Shame on you, misogynist gays). But who are we to dwell on age and looks? In this business it’s all about the music. Not a million miles from the aforementioned artistes, it’s pure pop, cut through with a brilliant bubblegum punk brattitude. If you want to hear the wee poppet, you just need to click here and fill in your details with that spam email address you use to write on clipboards at gigs, or give to holiday romances to make yourself feel better. Bastard.

*We conducted a highly scientific Ten Years Younger/Snog Marry Avoid-esque Public Analysis Survey in the office for these hard hitting facts.

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