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GT's Fringe Festival Picks

The first in our series of Edinburgh recommendations: Topping & Butch

Like a theatrical gold rush every August thousands of actors, comedians, dancers and divas flee their natural habitats in exchange for Edinburgh. Why? Partly because of kilts, but also because the largest theatre festival in the world happens there. Perhaps no longer a guaranteed platform for success, but certainly an essential milestone for any aspiring star. What we love about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is that anything can happen there, and anyone can perform.

There are numerous shows that we’re eager to see, and as ever, one or two that we’re not. But in the meantime, to kick things off, here is a GT array of baby previews. Shows that we feel you, our readers, will be interested in. Break a leg boys.

Topping & Butch – Twisted

This unabashed pair are a staple of the gay comedy circuit, although perhaps such scene congeniality is a result of their unwillingness to retire as opposed to a gay encore. Still, what may seem like fortuitousness is, in fact, an amalgam of impressive musicality and spot-on timing. Best Cabaret winners in 2004, it was perhaps their 2006 show that most amused audiences at the Fringe. Notably their queering of Disney anthems, such as Lumiere’s Be My Guest – “just bend over and we will do the rest”. Topping is weirdly attractive, while Butch is that guy who stares at you across Ku bar for too long...

Go If: You’re looking for a pat on the bum and someone to cheer you up.
Don’t If: You’ve got something else to do.

6.30pm, 19-30 August, The Strand Comedy Club

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