Jonathan Ross a homophobe? Oh PURLEASE!

Jonathan Ross Homophobic? Come on? When so much has moved so fast in the UK in terms of LGBT Human Rights aren't we just getting a bit shrill when we cannot laugh at ourselves at all? Ever. Isn't that a sign of weakness?
I had dinner with the very lovely Mr Ross once, in a crowd that, other than him and his brilliant wife Jane, was exclusively made up of gay men. He was charming, relaxed and displayed none of the fidgety discomfort of a homophobe in that situation. He didn't even discuss gay issues - the mark of a man who hasn't noticed the sexuality composition of the crowd he was with. This man is no Chris Moyles.
Given Sachsgate, this looks to me like nothing more than trying to find the next cross to nail him to. It certainly sold a lot of papers last time. It's funny isn't it, how when it suits them, the Daily Mail love to put the words: Nazi and Adoption and Gay in headlines if they possibly can, and when it suits them they take a high moral hobbyhorse in support of gay people?

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Having read this article, I have to say we are all aware of how the tabloids sell, they are hypocrites and have double standards, not a job I would want to do myself. I watch Jonathan Ross whatever he is appearing in, missed him when he was banned for 3 months, shame they didn't show the same disappointment at the more blatently obvious homophobic crowd, not that his ban had anything to do with sexuality, but rather sex and a practical joke gone wrong! Haven't we all been there and done that, fact is, Jonathan has a reputation to uphold and those on high need to make money! As a mother of a gay son, who came out when he was 15 and is now 25, I am a strong believer in "don't judge others, unless you want to be judged yourself". This is the first time I have been on this site and I have alot to say. I spend alot of time in Manchester, where my son and his partner live, I love it, I love the vibrance and I love the fact that when I go to what I call "gayville" rather than Canal Street, I

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05/07/2009 19:33:17