Britain’s LGBT Community Pleased as the Equality Bill is Published

Minister for Equality and Labour Party's deputy leader Harriet Herman published the long-awaited Equality Bill yesterday.

The bill creates a new equality duty on all public bodies to tackle discrimination and inequality in all its forms.

The landmark legislation sends out a clear message to homophobes: love it or leave it, but you can’t discriminate against it. Thanks to the bill, for the first time in Britain’s history, teachers are now officially required to promote equality in their classrooms and stop homophobic behaviors of any kind. I hope that this can be the start of respectful and fair treatment for gay kids in school and everywhere.

In the long march for gay rights in the UK, trans people have often been left by the wayside. The new bill expands the current protections to this under-represented group.

Even though Tories – who had notoriously passed section 28, prohibiting local councils from promoting homosexuality – are expected to try and disrupt the process, we must ensure to put a full stop to anti-gay discrimination in the country by pressing the Parliament to let this momentous legislation through.

Words: Chandler Cline

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