Miss California Withdrawn for Anti Gay Statement

Homophobic comments have cost Californian contestant the Miss USA title.

Miss California and the front-runner of the Miss USA contest has lost it all for opposing gay couples’ right of marriage. When asked by Perez Hilton, the gay blogger and one of the judges, what she thought about gay marriage, Carrie Prejean said that she believed marriage should only happen between a man and a woman.

It might be a bit stupid to expect a 21-year-old model to speak like a well-trained politician or brain surgeon or diplomat. But it doesn’t take a genius to respect other peoples’ choice of lifestyle. Miss California, however, chose rather foolishly to look arch-bitch Perez in the eyes and and say she did not approve of gay marriage.

Carrie said on the stage she had been raised in a biblical way. Funny how she was raised in the same house with her sister who grew up to be a gay rights activist. I wonder what she thinks of Carrie’s statement.

Words: Chandler Cline

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