Iranian Manufactured Glue Used to Torture Iraqi Homosexuals

Torturing of Gay Men Continues in Iraq.

Iraqi militias have recently employed a new, monstrous torturing method on their hunt for gay men, which involves closing of the victim’s anus by using very strong glue that sticks to the skin and can only be removed by surgery. They then poison the victim with certain chemicals to give them diarrhea, which results in a painful death.

Now, this is a story that shocked me to my very core. Torturing of homosexuals, of course, is by no means a new phenomenon in Iraq, but such barbaric persecution methods are.

What frustrates me is the way international human rights organisations such as IGLHRC (International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission) and HRW (Human Rights Watch) keep sending letters to the Iraqi government complaining about the anti-gay discrimination in that country. Do these organisations not understand the fact that their appeals are simply discarded by Iraq’s hard-line, heavily religious government, which doesn’t approve of homosexual activities in the first place?

The Iraqi government shares an endless hatred of homosexuality with the Islamic rebels and it does not seem to have any intentions for stopping them when it comes to hunting down gay men. The question is: how far is Iraq from the American-style democracy once promised by the Bush administration?

Words: Chandler Cline

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