Generous Donator Pushes LGBT Labour’s Fundraiser Over the Target

Chris Mahood is no less than a hero to LGBT Labour.

Twelve months ahead of a likely general election, LGBT Labour’s campaign fund has met its £2,000 goal, thanks to the donation of supporter Chris Mahood whose contribution last weekend pushed the fund over its target.

Known as Dorothy's List, the campaign fund was launched by The Labour Party in 2007 to support LGBT parliamentary candidates, especially women, at future elections.

Chris Mahood said: “I donated to Dorothy's List because I'm proud of all Labour has achieved on LGBT rights. What LGBT Labour is doing to get more openly gay and lesbian people into Parliament is really important. Having 'out' MPs has helped to transform LGBT rights.”

Katie Hanson, Co-Chair of LGBT Labour, welcomed the donation saying: “I don't think Chris knew what an important difference his donation would make. We thank him and the many others who have donated for their support.”

The generous donation was made in the same week as Labour Party’s General Secretary Ray Collins was set to address the Speaker's Conference on improving diversity, including LGBT representation, in the House of Commons.

LGBT Labour plans to hold its next Dorothy's List fundraiser in London on 25th June with Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell.

Words: Chandler Cline

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