Free Beyoncé Gig Tickets for the Lucky Chewers

100 Single Ladies descend on Piccadilly Circus.

Beyonce and Trident, Cadbury’s popular chewing gum brand, have gotten engaged in a set of unusual marketing activities to promote her one off UK performance coming up on 25 November in London’s O2 arena. With the show’s organisers planning to give all the 13,000 tickets away for free, anyone who buys a pack of Trident gum could potentially win a free concert ticket in a weekly draw carried out based on the last four digits of the packs’ bar codes.

But promotional gum packs seem to be just a small part of this rather weird marketing campaign, which ultimately aims to spread the news of the Mighty B’s gig throughout London.

In a spontaneous guerrilla-marketing move, about 100 mostly white ‘Beyonce wannabe’ ladies wearing identical black heels and leotards appeared in Piccadilly Circus on Monday morning to perform together the dance from her hit ‘Single Ladies’.

Created by Pretty Green and conceptualised by Initials Marketing, the out-of-the-blue ‘Beyonce stunt show’ disrupted the traffic and was received rather well by the small crowed of random by-passers who were often recording the event on their mobile phones.

The public dance, which is believed to have been inspired by an older T-mobile commercial, was quite well performed but was a bit too odd [and at some point boring] to have any sexual connotations to it.

With all the seats to be won for free, the exclusivity of the event seems to be out of question and not so deep behind the unusual marketing techniques, Beyonce’s marketing campaign looks more like a regular, jointly beneficial PR project between the gum giant and the legendary singer. After all, it’s all about publicity.

Words: Chandler Cline

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