Bob Henderson

Plugs + We Have Band

2 for 1 on punk-disco party bands

Last night we were in the fashionably trendy Hoxton area of London (honey, it’s all about Dalston these days – it’s the new Shoreditch) to check out some new party bands. And even with our gig going cynicism, we weren’t disappointed.

Plugs (pictured, not that you can tell - we were blocking a fire exit and everything…) were straight forward punky dance pop, with a tendancy to indulge in these crazy Queen-esque guitar solos. And boy can that boy play a mean guitar solo – faultlessly tight, bordering on cheesy and level-impossible on Guitar Hero. Their sound is beefed out with a bass-synth heavy backing track, and there’s a distinct disco leaning to everything they do. They are definitely a club-band and will no doubt be tearing up some cooler-than-thou joints quicker that you can say Horse Meat Disco.

Moving from 70’s sound pillage, and unflinchingly sticking to the 80’s, we have, err, We Have Band. They manage to pull off this finely balanced trick of sounding completely 80’s retro sounding but in a way that cherry-picks all the good bits and regurgitates them with a heavy percussion section into dancier greatness, like when DFA were doing exciting things. The lead singer was enchanting and channelled Alison Moyet and other gay(er?) divas of the era; Marc Almond or a deep voiced Jimmy Somerville. The girl in the band is a pocket size East London Lady Gaga. Actually, that’s completely unfair (but she can throw a mean pout’n’dance move) she sounds more like a long lost member of the B-52’s. The other bloke was like a marginally more cheerful Ian Curtis, and no the worse for it. And somehow, despite the fact they sounds like so many other people – or because of it – they manage to sound new, and old, but always exciting.

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