A Gay Elephant Bugs Polish Politician!

Ninio is a 10-year-old gay elephant that has recently infuriated a polish councilor.

Apparently, he doesn’t know that Poland, the anti-gay capital of Europe, is not exactly the safest place to be openly gay.

Repulsed by Ninio’s sexual preference and obsessed with pro-creation, Michal Grzes has heavily criticized Europe’s biggest elephant house for giving a shelter to the poor teenage elephant. I think, to save himself from any further embarrassment, Grzes needs to learn a thing or two about [animal] biology before opening his conservative mouth and calling the beautiful Ninio “waste of the taxpayer’s money” and a “dead weight for the zoo” again.

In fact, homosexual relationships have been seen in over 15,000 species of animals. But what am I thinking! I am trying to talk science to a guy whose spiritual leader dismisses condoms as an effective tool to preserve sexual health.

Whether Grzes likes it or not, our gay Ninio will soon need to find love. Now, if the councilor and his Catholic fellows cannot tolerate it, insisting homosexuality is “just a choice”, they are free to try and change his mind but they better be careful – those trunks are BIG.

Words: Chandler Cline

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