The Queen takes out GT subscription

HM The Queen has taken out a subscription to GT and given the magazine her royal seal of approval.

The palace has ordered a subscription to GT magazine and to our stable-mates Pink Paper and DIVA. Our company, MPG, has been given permission to use the royal crest and to claim to be “By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen, official purveyors of LGBT publications.”

It is understood her majesty has already flicked through DIVA and is keen to read Pink Paper and GT, both of which have been recommended to her by Prince Harry.

While Harry has had a string of high-profile straight relationships, he has apparently read GT and Pink Paper. Some have suggested it could be part of a bid to impress potential girlfriends. He was photographed last month by the paparazzi leaving a nightclub wearing pink nail-varnish – with the pictures appearing in the Star and News of the World.

Officially the move is part of a royal family plan to get closer to their queer subjects in a bid to be more relevant in the 21st century.

A palace spokesman said: “The Queen takes pride in learning about the lives of all her subjects. We are very pleased to offer Britain’s leading LGBT publications this royal warrant.”

The editors of DIVA, GT and Pink Paper have all contacted the palace to express their thanks.

GT editor Joe Galliano said: “From one queen to another, I couldn’t be more delighted.” While Jane Czyzselska of DIVA commented: “It’s good to know she’s keeping abreast of the latest developments in the lesbian world.”

And Pink Paper editor Tris Reid-Smith added: “This is a crowning achievement for us, if only I could persuade the distributors to send the copy to the palace by horse and carriage.”

It’s the first ever royal warrant to be given to a gay business.

A spokesman for MPG said: “There couldn’t be a better start to this financial year, on 1 April, than to have this news confirmed. I’ve got a big grin on my face.”

To follow in the royal footsteps and subscribe, call 0844 856 0637 for GT, 0844 856 0636 for DIVA or 0844 856 0638 for Pink Paper.

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