Bob Henderson

There's an alarming new trend going round

keep your hands to yourself

Yes Kids, There's a severe case of BAD GLOVES going round. We've, um, hand picked three examples to show you what we mean. From L-R:

1 = Jonathan Kelsey's commission for the Vauxhall Collective. Peaches was rocking this look yonks ago. The new album's not that bad you know, more of a grower than a shower.

2 = Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud in the promo for the new single Untouchable. It's not a Rialto cover, sadly.

3 = Lady Gaga, apparently she's number one again, though we haven't check after seeing it on Perez Hilton. Like anyone follows the charts any more anyways...

That's all really. Leather fingerless gloves. Not wrong - especially not for a Judas Priest concert - but still, a bit bad.

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