Bob Henderson

Lee from Steps being strangled

here is the picture

So we've teased people on twitter all day with promises of this pictures, and as you can see it was completely worth the wait. Contrary to speculation, Lee is not being stranged by other members of Steps, he is not naked and he is very much still alive.

The shots are from a new British action thriller called Ten Dead Men, shot in brighton, its pretty far from his former pop beginings. Quoth Lee, “Steps was light hearted, bubble gum, cheesy pop so playing the part of an alcoholic, gambling addicted, gangland henchman was certainly a departure for me." Which has all sparked the possibly more horrifying prospect of Steps reforming (we're not dissing them per se, but, there is a time and a place for everything. and we'd like to leave it in '97 if that's okay)

“Steps was brilliant, we had a lot of success and we’ve all stayed friends. We’ve had offers for a reunion and it may happen in the future but I can’t see it happening right now. Never say never though." Oof. You've been warned.

Ten Dead Men is out on DVD on May 25, available here.

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What an awful photo!

Added by brock

29/03/2009 13:37:46