Bob Henderson

Patrick Wolf - it’s about time for his arrival

Taking tips from Xtina, he’s getting dirrrrty.

Woo hoo, the Wolf has a new single out! According to the live recording doing the rounds on youtube it’s a raucous, banging electronic affair, with some Fuck The Pain Away, peaches style cymbal crashes. Which is pretty apt considering what he had to say about the creative process.

“ I finished writing the song over a beat that Alec [Empire of Atari Teenage Riot and Digital Hardcore fame] had produced and sent to me from Berlin to Los Angeles, where I was staying in out of town motel waiting to hit prime time TV with a performance on the Jimmy Kimmel show. It was during this week of waiting that I ended up getting involved in some dodgy satanic sex games and exploring the many dark sides of Los Angeles.”


'Vulture' is the first single to be taken from Patrick Wolf's forthcoming, fourth album 'The Bachelor', the single is out 20th April through Bloody Chamber Music which is funded via

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