Bob Henderson

8 Reasons Why We Were Loving Alan Carr Last Night

it was like watching telly with him in your front room

AlanCarr is fast becoming our favourite twitterer. Last night he was on fire and suffering from a massive bout of twitterhea (the uncontrollable urge to update twitter every 2 seconds). Here are some quick highlights to give you an idea….

The Exorcist is on Bravo, im shaking so much ive spilt me cuppasoup

The cuppasoup was minestrone flavour, they're a bloody deathtrap, it would be safer to snort it

When its in powderform of course, dont try and snort hot water kids

I cant even buy train tickets on the internet let alone download illegally - where do i start?

If i do download illegally, how do i know there isn't a policeman twittering?

Ooh you naughty downloaders, its a slippery slope i'll be downloading animal porn before you know it

Have you seen a sheeps cumface? Its not nice

And, for possibly the first time ever, we actually burst out laughing whilst on twitter:

My profile photo does not look like the man in the stroke adverts. BASTARDS!!!

Anyways, you can follow the mighty Mr Carr here and us here.

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