Bob Henderson

Dog Of Hearts

"The Hidden Cameras have more spin-offs than the OctoMom!"

Last night we were skulking around Shoreditch and made our way to the cute tucked away gig/bar/cafe/etc venue called The Strongroom Bar. We were off to see one of Jamie (famed violinist from The Hidden Cameras) do his first show with new band Dog of Hearts. As Bruce LaBruce said on Twitter ( how very modern, how very now) “The Hidden Cameras have more spin-offs than the OctoMom!”

With a packed out basement, the band crept on, howling, then launching into their emotive indie folk. The set was narrated by an OHP shadow show, perfect for numbers such as ‘Born to Bounce, Born to Fuck’. Other lyrically arresting numbers included ‘Mean Daddy Fuckers’, sung with fake moustaches. Bear hugs all round.

Naturally, as with many a night involving alcohol and Shoreditch, we ended up at the joiners. So we feel extra proud that we made it in to work today...

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