Bob Henderson

Red Blooded Women - Enjoy The Silence

We're getting ready for the weekend with some big fat gay remixes. Eight of them.

1. The Original
We hate to point out the obvious, but being in an electro pop girl band and covering a depeche mode song (having previously done a yazoo sampling one) you sort of are setting yourself up as a poor-man’s The Saturdays. Who are a cheap Girls Aloud. However, the production team is apparently ‘Trademark’, who if we’re not mistaken are a band we saw play at Truckfest on a lorry with neon lights and oversized plugs. Therefore, RBW have an indie/alternative edge. Like The RGB’s. Are you keeping up?

2. Designer Drugs Remix
God these guys are remixing everything. This is kinda clubby, synthy and they’ve made the sympathetic move of muffling the vocals. Roping the DD guys in will ensure heavy Hype Machine bloggery.

3. 7th Heaven Radio Remix
This is the gayest, most Almighty sounding one. There’s a stupendously clumsy breakdown at 2.48, which we love. It the kind of amazing you can get drunk to and dance until a limb falls off.

4. Bassmonkeys Radiomix
Had a terrible metronome noise in it. Very swooshy, string lead, almost Stuart Pricey confessing on a dancefloor.

5. Parralox Mix
This is probably the one The Saturdays would pick to release, cos it sounds most Girls Aloud in full on mode. It’s got a few The Loving Kind-esque vocal effects on it, and is essentially a massive synth riff, with a constant drum-machine snare pounding it to completion.

6. Heads We Dance Mix
With a West End Girls style string stabs, this is an old school Pet Shop Boys attempt. It kind of needs a male vocal so it can be a Man2Man 12” B-side remix. You can almost hear the vinyl crackle.

7. 7th Heaven Club Mix
This is the version that will get played at gay sex clubs. Just listening to it brings the smell of poppers and faeces to mind. It’s 7.09 mins long, so be warned.

8. Bassmonkeys Club Mix
Apart from that bloody metronome noise, by the time you get to this version it sounds like all the other versions all mashed up into one big covers bootleg.

Enjoy The Silence is out March 29t h on their own label, ‘young fresh and new’, check out

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