Bob Henderson

Edward Carpenter

homosexual, socialist, anarchist, vegetarian... pagan?

So I’ve been asked on a date tonight. Well, its one of those is-it, isn’t-it situations where you’ve just agreed to meet up but not said it’s a date, but you’ve flirted for ages and might’ve had a drunk kiss once but can’t remember. Anyway... it's to go to a lecture about Edward Carpenter (note to future suitors; academia is hot) which I jumped at, since to be honest I didn’t know anything about him until some t-shirts arrived in the office and I did a quick wiki and felt some daddy love for him.
According to the blurb, Edward Carpenter was “a homosexual who left his privileged background to live with his working-class male lover at the very time of Oscar Wilde's prosecution. He is a forefather to many: gay people, leftist visionaries, anarchists, and -- as Dr Alexander will show in this lecture – pagans”. The last word worries me a little, but anything that involves collective cosmic consciousness, sexual liberation and political commitment to the liberation of the human condition, can’t be half bad.

A 19th Century Gay Pagan - Introducing Edward Carpenter is on tonight, 7.30 at Treadwells.

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