Bob Henderson

Ladytron are writing songs for Christina Aguilera

we know, we know.... Christina-Who?

You know the one, thinks you're beautiful no matter what they say, sweated until her clothes fell off, was a genie in a bottle with a sweet-talkin' sugar coated candyman...

Anyways, she's had the band Ladytron round to her gaff in LA to write some songs for her new album. Which is all good given the Goldfrapp-you-like stomp of her last single. Apparently Aguilera's place used to belong to Ozzy Osbourne, so maybe some rock vibes might slip in there.

Working with the reformed Xtina is a mere diversion in Ladytron's plans for world domination. They've a new single Tomorrow released... not tomorrow. 2nd March actually. 2009's hard grafting includes a confirmed Eastern European tour with Depeche Mode in May, a South American headlining tour and a co-headlining US tour with The Faint and an Australian show with Brian Eno. Phew! How do they have time to drop by for songwriting duties for major pop stars?!

Here's a sneaky rip, (probably soon to be disabled) of their new single:

Spooky video, huh? Reminds us of watching Ghost Hunting With Girls Aloud. Classic.

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