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Artist Call Out for International HIV/AIDS Art Exhibition

Have you always wanted to exhibit your art work in an international art exhibition? Now is your chance.

Not only will you be exhibiting your art work, you will be selling it to raise money for HIV/AIDS. You will part of an incredible project which aims to bring art work from all over Europe into one space. Italy, Belgium, Finland, France and Sweden are all participating and the UK needs your art work!

For a whole fortnight, Boulogne sur mer, a city in northern France, will be the focus of unprecedented actions in favour of the fight against AIDS. Sidaction, a HIV/AIDS organisation based in Paris, is hosting the exhibition and they expect to receive pieces of art from amateurs and from professionals (sculptures, paintings, engravings) from all around the world, knowing that each of these pieces of art will be sold at the fixed price of 10€. Without age limit or any other restriction, this unusual exhibition will aim to exhibit the largest number of artists, and will reinforce the simple and collective aspect of the struggle against HIV/AIDS.

The exhibition is from 14 to 28 of March 2009.

You will already have a completed piece of art work which you are happy to exhibit and sell at the exhibition. There is no theme for the exhibition, the aim is to bring as many artists’ work together from around the world in one space. If you wish to take part in this exhibition, please submit a synopsis of your art work to by the 1st of February, 2009.

Former convent of the order of the ‘annonciades’ nuns, built between 1693 and 1770, composed of a chapel, a cloister and a main building, the whole made in Vernacular stone. Today, the building is Boulogne sur mer’s local library , which counts no less than 300 000 volumes, 11 500 manuscripts (from which the oldest goes back to 17th century), as well as 88 incunabula.

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