Worse for wear

Oh Boy George, what has happened to you?

Tomorrow he will be sentenced following his conviction of false imprisonment in December. With the judge warning him that he will most likely be sent to jail, we imagine George is feeling as bad as he looks right now.

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What a fuss they are making about poor George having a little slap and tickle with a rent man! ... I've seen worse go on, I can assure you. Still, the victim may be traumatised but I understand there are stories to be printed in the tabloids(no doubt with him on the end of a bed in a thong, with his back arched and tits pushed out, biting the end of his index finger teasingly), so he'll make a canny penny, I'm sure. However, it's very unfair to single out the way poor George looks, dear! Show me one person who looks good in a knitted hat with a pompom and tight scarf hoisting the jowels up and I'll show you Dannii Minogues face animated from the top lip up! May his stay in prison be brief and may he come back as creative as ever...Crusty is missing him already!

Added by Dame Crusty Gusset

22/01/2009 19:35:25