Ireland gets own gay radio show

With the Irish media being swamped with gays, from the likes of BB’s Brian Dowling to the hilarious Graham Norton, Ireland’s radio airwaves go gay for the first time ever with RTÉ Pulse’s “The Cosmo”, presented by myself, Scott De Buitléir. The show goes out live every Wednesday from 8-10pm on Irish DAB station, RTÉ Pulse, and is aimed at representing the LGBT community in Ireland on the (digital) airwaves – the first show of its kind ever made by RTÉ, the national broadcaster.

Although the show has only been on the air for about a month, 2009 sees “The Cosmo” going live, being the first show on the new dance-music station to do so. The show features interviews, competitions and event listings for the various gay scenes around Ireland, along with two hours of club remixes of the current chart toppers. With hot topics up for discussion such as the campaign for civil partnership in the Republic (which we don’t have yet), to lighter content such as pop gossip and drag queen interviews, I hope to keep the audience entertained and always ready for more!

While dance music may not exactly be every gay guy or lesbian’s cup of tea, these programmes are the first attempt made by RTÉ to provide the LGBT community with a voice in the national media. RTÉ Pulse have reserved Wednesday evenings specifically for their LGBT listeners, as “The Cosmo” is followed by fellow gay shows, ‘ScratchNSniff’ from 10 and ‘The Workout’ from 11.

While fellow gay presenter Nick Randell – who presents “ScratchNSniff” from RTÉ’s London studios – caters for a more general audience, I have to admit that “The Cosmo” is more likely to attract the attention of a younger audience, due to the style of music that is played. Ageism is not a factor in the show, however, and homos of all ages are invited to listen in and take part!

So, why am I announcing an Irish radio show in a UK magazine? Well, it turns out that we’ve been receiving more attention than expected from listeners and fellow radio companies in the UK. The show, therefore, is fast becoming an innovative way of allowing LGBT Irishmen (and women!) living in Britain to stay informed with their homeland’s events and topics. The UK is not the only country that we’ve already received feedback from, with the likes of Paris, Munich, and even New York popping up on our pink little radar!

“The Cosmo” broadcasts every Wednesday from 8-10pm on RTÉ Pulse. For more information and to listen online, visit

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