Bob Henderson

Yo! Majesty tore up the barfly last night

Uh-Mazing: tits, spliffs, rap and a teenage stage invasion

I'm not going to embrace the standard reviewers fake objectivity. Last night I fell in love with Yo! Majesty.

There's something pretty powerful about two rappers (throw in those labels 'lesbian' and 'christian' for good measure) really going for it, and not giving a shit about how they look in the process. The rapped with bullet speed, and spoke inbetween banter just as fast.

The crowd went mental for Club Action, but my live favourite was Booty Klap. Kyrptonite Pussy with it's Push It refrain was the one the kids loved. By the end of the set, there was tit flashing and spliff smoking - inside! the horror! - as if their set wasn't enough to keep your eyes open and feet moving.

Finally, some teenage fans (who had been screeching Kyrptonite Pussy outside) leap onstage in a slightly cringey stage invasion. But it was a mild dampener on an incredible gig. They went on to play an after party where Lindsay Lohan was rumoured to (but didn't) show up. On stage they'd bantered "I knew she wuz gay! I knew it!"

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