I've got a conclusion for you

I read a silly thing today.

This report claims to offer evidence that "societies which endorse homosexual behavior increase the prevalence of homosexuality in those societies". Basically, if a society says it's ok to be gay, then there will be more gays in this society.

This is basically yet another case of homophobes claiming that being gay is a choice and then jumping around crying, "Now you can all stop being gay!"

I have what I feel is a more plausible conclusion. In countries that protect and support their gay population, there are 'more' homosexuals because people can confidently come out and say "I'm gay" rather than spending their time hiding in their rooms for fear of being beaten up/arrested/killed. Which do you think makes more sense?

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It seems to me that there are a lack of definitions in this article. For a start we have to define "homosexuality" because if we are talking about homosexual "behaviour" and people having a preference for same sex relationships then we may not always be talking about the same thing. What you are saying, and what the article says are not that different. If a society is more tolerant of homosexual "behaviour" then it is more likely that those who have predominantly same sex orientation will become visible. Likewise those who are straight but experiment with homosexual "behaviour" will also become more visible. However, in the later case this does not mean "there will be more gays". For a meaningful discussion we must be clear about homosexual behaviour and sexual preference. I dare say if I were the only man in the world, I might be tempted to exhibit straight "behaviour" but this doesn't mean my sexual orientation/preference would change.

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03/11/2008 17:34:23