Bring on the gender theory

Current TV goes gay this weekend...

I'd never heard of Current TV. But then, I'm one of the lowly few that makes do with Freeview. However, I was fascinated to learn that it was founded by Al Gore (former Vice President of the United States), and entrepreneur Joel Hyatt, and that the content is actually made by those that watch it. The UK version launched in March 2007, but you can only get it on the Sky and Virgin Media platforms.

But enough of the big sell. I've brought it up because a new season of short films premiers this Friday entitled Battle of the Sexes. Current TV is basically putting the roles society thrusts upon men and women under the microscope (along with those that some of us choose to battle against).

Screened over two nights (October 17th-18th), this collection of short films explores sexism, gender equality and relationships in modern Britain. Edgy!

My pick is Match of The Gay, a documentary on Hotscot FC, the only gay football team in the Scotland. As you can imagine, the jokes come thick and fast (they 'play for the other side,' they 'have trouble sharing balls,' blah blah). It's early days for the team but they have dreams of appearing in the Gay World Cup in 2008 and must try to move up to an 11 a side team. Watch a preview

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