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Each month we have the tricky task of choosing a mere 5 tracks for the download chart: given the huge piles of cds that clutter our desk, it's no easy task, so here are some close calls that almost made the cut.

Red Blooded Women – You Made Your Bed (Rochelle Remix)
RBW are pictured above (and look like a teenage girlgang who’ve snuck into The Ghetto). We saw Rochelle play at Hoxton Bar and Grill once, they didn’t look very happy. As it is, they are very good at remixing songs to sound like their own – amazing slick electro pop. We assume the invite to see a Red Blooded Women gig got lost in the post.

Tricky – Slow
Yes, the Kylie song. With guitars and everything. Produced by Bernard Butler off of making-Duffy-sound-good-fame. Slightly soiled the premise of ‘covering’ the song by either having left the kylie vocal in or having roped in a singer who sounds none too dissimilar to Ms Minogwee.

The Slips – Superbeat ( :( Remix)
Talking of the track Slow, it sprang to mind when we were listening to our favourite remix of The Slips, all Kraftwerk-y keyboard breaks and overused ‘Oooh’ and ‘Yeahs’. Who is this sad face remixer? Why so sad?

Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk - Love Can’t Turn Around (Dolby Anol Remix)
We Heart Dolby Anol lots round these parts, as Graham has been doing secret DJ sets in shady easy London hangouts, whilst generally camping it up with his random tales of Glaswegian tranny love. Oh the song? It turns an amazing house standard into a squelchy electro headache.

There were lots of other things, like our continuing obsession with anything that’s been remixed by The Wide Boys or Bimbo Jones, turning them into four to the G-A-Y dancefloor remixes, the kind that are so euphorically Hi NRG camp it’s impossible to be embarrassed by it as it’s shamefulness.

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