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Amanda Palmer shot a new video at the weekend

it's got snogging football fans and everything

Amanda Palmer, interviewed in the current issue (360) of GT, shot the video for her debut solo single Leeds United this weekend at the Coronet, Elephant and Castle, which I’ve said before, is a glorified roundabout.

She invited a bunch of fans to take part as extras at the shoot, and so at the ungodly hour of 9am, Sunday Morning, a bunch of gothy looking freaks descended, unable to find fresh coffee, but discovering ample abuse from some local characters. It’s hard not to laugh at a lecture about appropriate gender identity (literally: “why can’t men be men and women be women?”) first thing in the morning, especially from a man clutching a can of special brew.

Inside, things calmed down a bit. Don’t let anyone kid you into thinking being in a pop video is glamorous – for every moment of glory, there’s atleast five other moments sitting in excessive heat/cold, with short bursts of hunger/thirst punctuating a mind numbing boredom. Once you’re infront of the camera, you have to do the same thing over and over, then bam, you’re done.

Still, Amanda – as you can see – looked amazing. The video is set to be hilarious, with cat fighting dancers and a general send up of the whole ‘look at me I’m a female solo singer’ pop video lark. We’ll let you know when it’s out (and point out our waving arm from the balcony).

Photo: Michael Brydon

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