We all like a bit of bling

But is this taking it too far...?

Where has the summer gone? My boyfriend has decided it's "already winter", which depresses me because I still feel like 2008 has so much to give warm weather wise. So, excuse me for being a bit grouchy. However, I think I may have found just the thing to perk me up.

I'm not really one for accessories – particularly of the jewellery kind – but I'm wondering whether I could get away with this art deco sapphire and diamond clip brooch originally owned by Sir Elton John.

The brooch was created in around 1935 by a voodoo master who combined soil with the hair of an Egyptian mummy to create this razzy bit of fashion jewellery (some incantations were involved too, natch).
Ok, so I made that bit up (apart from the 1935 bit), but IS formed around the initial "J", which means it mustbe made for moi, non? What do you mean you can't see the J? Try looking at the baguette-cut DIAMONDS, the FIVE oval-cut SAPPHIRES and a bombé cluster of CIRCULAR-CUT sapphires... now do you see it...? I don't know why Elton ever got rid of it…

It is expected to fetch £260,000-320,000 in the September 25th sale at Bonhams, so I'm starting my money making campaign now. Do you have a spare fiver...?

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Have to say it now but that is a beautiful piece of jewellery with a bit of a "wow" factor added to it. Shame he got rid of it, lucky whoever gets it!

Added by Poseidon

13/09/2008 09:32:01