Lust at the Olympic games

It's not just us that have got the horn...

We all might be dribbling over the Olympic athletes, but what about the athletes themselves? It's perhaps not surprising that, with all those prime physiques packed into one place, competing for attention (why, that almost sounds like Saturday night in a gay club), "things" are bound to happen.

If you don't believe me, check this out. Apparently the Athletes' Village condom allocation for Beijing was 100,000. Marina Hyde at Guardian Online reports that the gold-medal-winning American swimmer BJ Bedford once described the Olympic Villages as "10,000 people walking around hyped up on their own glycogen", adding that "you can almost see the sparks flying off their skin". (Come on now, they're only human, and frankly you would, wouldn't you?).

I'm glad that they'll all managing to find some time to get it on. And that goes for the 11 out gay athletes. The big question is, how much other bum fun is going on that we don't know about? (Good job there are all those condoms lying around...)

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