Greco-Roman Wrestling

The most homoerotic sport of all time?

Excuse me for being a few millennia behind the times, but this morning I had a major sporting enlightenment. Whilst watching the BBC Olympics coverage I came across possibly the gayest sport ever – Greco-Roman Wrestling. For those of you not familiar with this the British Olympics Association describes it as "a simple concept; two men fight until one of them is subdued." I love that description. So polite. So British! What is really means is hot musclebears taking it in turns to press their crotches into their opponents arses, engaging in bearhugs (the Olympics association actually calls it this!) and occasionally re-enacting “lifting poses” straight from the Karma Sutra. Hot!

Thanks to said BBC Olympics coverage I also have a new object of my lust. The gold-winning Aslanbek Khushtov (pictured). Here he is in his latest porn movie:

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OMG. Can I get that video in Hi Def?

Added by MDK

15/08/2008 16:16:03