Michael Phelps' mega meals

If you want to eat saturated fat, become an athlete.

Are you the kind of person who watches watch you eat? I must confess I am. It started in earnest earlier this year when the stone I piled on during Christmas stubbornly refused to evaporate despite religious trips to the gym (argh). I used to crumple my brow whenever I saw my mother opt for a salad – but not any more. I’ve become that person too! For someone who’s had a love affair with food since pre birth this is a tragedy of Biblical proportions (I’m not one to exaggerate).

So, you can imagine how I felt when this morning I read about über Olympian Michael Phelps’ staggering 12,000 calories diet. TWELVE THOUSAND CALORIES! His breakfast alone is 4,000 calories, or roughly twice what a normal man should eat all day. (I was nibbling into my standard breakfast of steamed mung bean and lettuce leaf at the time).

Do you think this diet is kept afloat by oceans full of spirulla and other such super foods? No. It’s pancakes, chocolate chips and fried egg sandwiches all the way. (See what I mean here).
Frankly there’s only one thing to do. I’m going to HAVE become an Olympian athlete.

And then I’m coming straight to YOUR restaurant.

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