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Little Boots is loving us, loving her.

bloggy style

In the August Issue of GT we ran a featurette banging on about the latest electro dance pop sensation Little Boots, (working with Joe Goddard of Hot Chip no less) and it turns out she likes what she reads. In one of her latest blogs on her myspace, she includes not one but two quotes from GT in what she calls of her recent press “the best bits (in my humble opinion)”. Did she like the fact we compared her to Girls Aloud? Did she like the fact everyone has been gushing about how cool she is? No, she loves the fact we called her a geek and talked about donkeys.
Taking of geekery, you should check out her extensive selection of cover versions at her YouTube page, where she dabbles in all sorts of gadgetry from a weird tetris-like light machine to a stylophone.

The single Meddle is released on 18th August on 7” Vinyl (how old school?) through 50 Bones Records.

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