Joe Oppedisano and Calvin Holbrook on GT Island

All on GT Island in Second Life were thrilled that two of our favourite artists have collaborated with us to produce major exhibitions in our main gallery spaces. In what are virtual-firsts for both of them, world-renowned New York photographer Joe Oppedisano and creator of the cult Hate fanzine, Calvin Holbrook have opened exhibitions that are causing quite an in-world buzz.

GT contributor Joe Oppedisano has dared to venture into the infamous Gleason's Gym in New York to photograph some of the toughest – and sexiest – fighters in the world. In the Main Gallery we are showing our favourite of these intimate and intimidating portraits and, as the title says, the photographs are quite literally a Knockout.

Calvin Holbrook has just released a new edition of the notorious Hate fanzine, satirising the cult of celebrity. In our Spa Studio Gallery we are showing a collection of his personal artworks that are just as edgy. So much so that the gallery is sporting it's first (18) certificate.

In other news, to recognise the fact that GT magazine is a pioneer in being printed on recycled paper, GT Island has gone green. The Beach House now has its own solar panel and the galleries are run off the new wind turbine installed on the hill. Please note that this in-world green initiative does not mean that we will be giving up the GT speedboat or helicopter as we need these to get around. And they look cool. Really cool.

Knockout by Joe Oppedisano
Hate magazine by Calvin Holbrook


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