Madonna's getting old

Get over it.

Yesterday some new pictures of Madonna surfaced that questioned whether age had finally caught up with the material girl. Now, I must confess my first instinct was to bitch hard: "Ooo, look at the veins! Look at weird eyes!!!" (I'm not proud of this).

But then something inside pulled me back (maybe it's the new vitamin supplement I'm taking? It's totally weirding me out). With the number of year Madonna has been fabulous, I think we can all allow her to have an off day, don't you? And if it turns into a permanent occurrence – i.e. it's an old age thing – then so what! The more we permeate the "look how they've aged!" celebrity crowing, the more we make it harder for each of us to grow gracefully into our own golden years. It's totally karmic man.

That said, her music is another matter entirely. There is no excuse for the lameness that was Hard Candy. And don't all start writing in to complain. You know I'm right really.

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