Bob Henderson

STILL feeling bitchy?

Then go fug yourself.

The thing with Vice's do's and don'ts is that it largely preys on unsuspecting victims. So what happens when the claws come out for celebrities who have primped and preened for a catwalk papping? The answer is Go Fug Yourself.

They do it best when creating fake dialouge between two awkwardly snapped posers. Par example:

"KARL LAGERFELD: Lens-monkeys! Snap me here standing with Wax Claudia.

CLAUDIA SCHIFFER: No, Karl, it's really me.

KARL: FLESH Claudia? Can it BE? My shock is written like the Kama Sutra on the page of my face. BOOKMARK IT. There will be an essay question. BRING CHEESE."

We would say Go Fug Yourself was a guilty pleasure of ours, but when the celebs have gone to such an effort to look so bad, where's the guilt?

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