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Second Pride 08 is in full swing now in Second Life, and we on GT Island have been attending as many events as possible. Like any First Life Pride, there has been plenty of shopping, dancing and socialising to be done as well as masses of impressive exhibits and mini-worlds to explore.

The beauty of Second Life is that you can build on an epic scale. This has been put to its most poignant use at Second Pride in the memorial to real-world HIV and Aids.

The memorial features a garden of flags of the world. Carved into each base is the shocking HIV and Aids statistic relevant to that flags country. The scale is initially breathtaking, especially when you see the number of countries affected, displayed in such a physical way. Then, when the size of the figures on each flag base sinks in, and you realise that behind each number is a real person, this demonstration of physical scale becomes an emotional one.

The enormity of the statistics are personalised by selected displays of hand-made panels dedicated to individual people who have been lost; the Second Life version of the Aids Quilt panels. The panels feature photos and personal tributes, like their real world counterparts, and the displays reach back over many years.

All this was built by one avatar, Parrish Kline, who I was lucky enough to bump into on my visit. Thanks to his virtual skills and work, the scale of a real-world tragedy was brought home to me in a way that I haven't experienced in a long time. If you visit Second Life, get to this memorial and instant message Parrish Kline to thank him.

The sad fact being that there is no real-world counterpart to thank for a similar display anywhere on earth.

Second Pride 08 in-world events from July 12th-20th.
Second Pride Aids Memorial Rhodium (127, 98, 41)


GT Island Athos (197,143,43)
More more information on GT Island, instant message MDK Flood in-world.
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