Won't somebody please think of the Christians?

Last week, a tribunal ruled in favour of Lillian Ladele, a Christian registrar from Islington was shunned at work after refusing to perform same-sex civil partnership ceremonies.

It was ruled that Ladele's rights as an orthodox Christian had been violated by expecting her to perform her job fairly and without discrimination against anyone.

Too many countries seem to fall over themselves to protect the 'religious rights' of their populace - rights that inevitably involve the persecution of whoever earns the ire of the fanatics on that particular day. Homosexuals, pro-choicers, people with common sense - no one is safe.

Meanwhile, the battle for universal gay and lesbian rights is all too often an uphill struggle, the religious vultures circling and cawing angrily all the way.

So the law will protect poor Christians from having to deal with the nasty sinners. But what about my right as a rational human being to not have to deal with crazed lunatics who govern their lives according to a doctrine which as far as I can tell – and I’ve looked hard, I promise – there is not a single good reason for believing in? I can’t see a court upholding my intellectual right to be protected from offence by these irrational bigots.

The case would have been very different if Ladele had claimed her religion prevented her from performing ceremonies for old people, Asians or couples with mismatching eye colours. But when it comes to religiously sanctioned homophobia, we’re still fair game.

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Standing ovation and applause for Hugh.

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